Czech Biathlon World Cup to Take Place Without Spectators

The Czech Republic’s Nové Město na Moravě Biathlon World Cup stage will take place without spectators over the coronavirus threat, says Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamachek.

On Sunday, the Czech Republic reported the first three coronavirus cases.

“This is the National Security Council decision, and the competition organizers will comply, they will have to,” Hamachek said. “Considering how many people were supposed to attend the event, I believe there was no other alternative.”

The Czech World Cup stage is scheduled for March 5-8.

The coronavirus outbreak was first registered in late 2019 in China’s 11-million city of Wuhan. More than 68 countries and territories, including Russia, reported infection cases. According to the latest statistics, 2,912 people died of the coronavirus, while approximately 44,555 recovered in China while more than 80,020 remain infected there.

The World Health Organization declared the outbreak an international emergency.

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