Czech Beer Production Reaches New Record

After two years of stagnating beer consumption in the Czech Republic, domestic consumer interest has gone up. Some 16.5 million hectoliters of beer were consumed in the Czech Republic last year, according to the Czech Brewery and Malt Association (ČSPS). 

Exports of beer in 2018 totaled 5.1 million hectoliters. The biggest markets were Slovakia, Germany, Poland, and Russia. 

Beer exports to EU countries in 2018 increased by 10 percent and currently amount to around 80 percent of overall exports. Czech beer exports to countries outside the European Union increased by one fifth in 2018. Russia increased its imports of Czech beer by 54 percent, mainly because of the World Championship in Football. 

Among the new importers of Czech beer are Antarctica, Angola, Bahrain, the Bermuda Islands, Philippines, Senegal and Ecuador. 

For the first year, the volume of beer in tanks and legs surpasses the amount of bottled and canned beer sold abroad.

On an international basis, the Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita and has held that position for 25 years, as long as the independent Czech Republic has existed. Research by Japanese beer firm Kirin again confirmed the Czech leadership. 

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