Czech Artist Reimagines What the Logos of Brands Boycotting Russia Would Say

As the war continues in Ukraine, more big brands are expressing their disapproval of Putin’s actions by halting their operations in Russia.

Artist Václav Kudělka finds humor in a dark situation by reimagining what the logos of these companies would say in his series of clever designs.

The Czech graphic designer has been a fan of puns since he was a child and loves to find ways to incorporate wit into his creations. “I saw an opportunity to use wordplay to speak to the current situation,” Kudělka tells My Modern Met. “I wanted to talk about the way because I believe we have to keep talking about it to show that we care. But I also wanted to address it in a different way, and add some humor.”

Most of these redraws are instantly recognizable, with just a subtle change to the design and name of the brand. For instance, McDonald’s iconic slogan “I’m Lovin’ It” has been changed to “I’m Leavin’ It” and Starbucks has become “Starbacks,” with its famed mermaid turning its back to the viewer.

Similarly, Kudělka changed Netflix to “Nyetflix” (a play on nyet, the Russian word for “no”), Spotify to “Stopify,” and FedEx to “Fedexit.” The artist hopes that the playfulness of these logos brings some much-needed levity in these dire times.

Scroll down to see more clever logos and be sure to follow Kudělka on Instagram to never miss an update.

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