Czech Airlines Resumes Flights to Five Destinations

czech airlines resume flights

Czech Airlines (ČSA) is planning to resume flights to another five European destinations in the coming weeks.

As of April 2, ČSA is planning to resume flights to Odesa, Ukraine (twice a week), as of April 16 to Amsterdam (nearly daily), as of May 1 to Copenhagen (nearly daily) and Keflavik (four times a week), and as of June 12 to Malta (once a week).

Currently, ČSA operates regular flights to Paris (daily), Stockholm (3 times a week), Kyiv (daily), and Moscow (three times a week).

The number of flights to these destinations is also to increase in spring.

With respect to the rather unfavorable epidemiological situation across Europe and the existing restrictions, Czech Airlines is extending the free rebooking option until 30 June 2021.

The latest departure date for a rebooked flight is 31 March 2022.

Passengers are allowed to board Czech Airlines airplanes to and from the Czech Republic only with a hardcopy certificate of a negative antigen (rapid) or RT-PCR test from an accredited laboratory and are required to wear a protective device over the nose and mouth (a respirator mask).

ČSA is currently in bankruptcy. The company laid off most of its staff in February, records unpaid debts to the tune of 1.8 billion crowns, owed to suppliers and passengers for canceled flights.

The court appointed the company Inskol as the insolvency administrator and ČSA is now undergoing reorganization.

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