Czech Aid Arrives for Refugees in Greece During Pandemic

Dr. Hana Pospíšilová, a Czech doctor fueled by altruistic intentions, helped organize Czech aid to come to Lesbos without the support of the government or any humanitarian organization.

Dr. Pospíšilová is a consultant cardiologist who regularly volunteers in Lesbos, treating and providing medical care for the needy refugees in the camp.  A truck containing 2 million CZK worth of valuables, intended to be distributed to the refugees, arrived at the Kara Tepe Camp in Lesbos, Greece on January 21, 2020.

Volunteers collected 14 large insulated tents, 900 pairs of boots, 370 sleeping bags, 700 raincoats, 500 umbrellas, 1,800 shawls, and 300 disinfectant hand gels.

Kara Tepe is a temporary refugee camp that was set up to replace the now burnt down Moria camp. All contributions have been donated by Czech citizens who wanted to help make an impact and provide relief to the refugee crisis in Greece.

The truck was driven 2000 km by Lukáš Resler, who left the Czech Republic last week on Thursday. The valuables have reportedly been distributed already.

Hana Pospíšilová

This courageous and compassionate act of charity was definitely needed in the refugee camp. On the other hand, the Czech Republic has donated 100,00 EUR from the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last year in 2020, after the fire in Moria.

That money was intended to provide water and electricity supply, but the population in the camp keeps growing and is in constant need of more help.

The president of the European Council, Charles Michel, has publicly said that all European countries should send aid for Greece, since he believes that there is no quick-fix solution to the crisis, except action and shared values. He’s asked for more commitment from other bloc members.

The quality of life for the refugees has also worsened and become more difficult amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but there is hope for a reconstruction of refugee protection and aid in 2021, which needs to be carried out when pandemic restrictions become less severe.

The Czech truck that arrived at the island of Lesbos. Source: Stavros Mirogiannis

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