Cyklohráček – The Train for Families and Cyclists

Cyklohráček prague

The so-called Cyklohráček is ideal for families with children. This bike and the child-friendly train started its operation in 2014 and it operates at weekends and national holidays until the end of the season.

A trained team makes sure children don’t get bored during the journey. There are toys as well as tables with board games such as Ludo, Checkers, and other games. Kids can also borrow jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, or a train dispatcher’s set.

“Due to the end of the state of emergency and the expiration of the government resolution on the restriction of free movement of persons, the train Cyklohráček will start its season on Saturday, April 17,” said Filip Drápal, spokesman for Ropid.

Cyklohráček was also awarded one of the best consumer-focused projects in the nation.

The train consists of three wagons that can hold 116 passengers and 25 bikes: a carriage full of toys designated for younger children; there is also a children’s corner with building blocks, train sets, picture books, and train puzzles. This carriage is also the best if you want to watch the engine driver or to watch the route.

The second carriage for cyclists where they can fill up their tires with air with a pump, borrow tools to repair the bike, and a carriage full of games with tables with game boards and other games.

This is where the children can borrow jigsaw puzzles and other puzzle, card games, or a young train dispatcher’s or conductor’s set).

For further details and to book tickets visit the Czech Transport Website.


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