Cyberdog: Galactic Experience in Prague

Have you ever think about having dinner in a galactic spaceship? You don’t need to become cosmonaut or travel to NASA museum. You can just visit a newly open Cyberdog in Prague. I can’t promise you the zero-gravity experience, but robotic hand Kuka who is serving drinks here is a great companion to your futuristic discovery.

Futuristic Design

Cyberdog is a two-floor building made from the material of a spaceship that might evoke you the shape of a dog. Inside of this creature is a futuristic wine bar and restaurant that is served by a robotic hand Kuka. The interior evokes sci-fi movies, with its perfectly simple design, galactic music and lightening completing your futuristic experience.

This is the only project of its kind in Europe where customers are served by a robot with complete automatization from the order and serving to the payment. But no worries, humans are still present here. If you feel uncomfortable with the menu on a tablet or cashless payment, there is always somebody with a warm smile that will help you to enjoy this experience.

The authors, architect Tomáš Císař and artist David Černý, included many interesting details. You might know the controversial art of David Černý from my previous article on Trifot, and he did his job in Cyberdog as well. On first sight, you can see a polished and clean design of the spaceship. On the second look, you will find human eyes, hair on the staircase and another part of the bodies that you should better discover by yourself.

Robotic Hand Kuka to Your Service

The whole service in Cyberdog is almost a “one-man” show of Kuka. Kuka is a robotic hand that prepares your glasses of wine. He carefully chose the wine you order, with smooth moves open the bottle and pour exactly 0,125 l to your glass. When your glass is ready, Kuka places it carefully to galactic trolleys that distribute drinks and refreshment to your table. When Kuka is not busy with the orders, he is showing off his “moves like Jagger” and like to be video recorded dancing like this.

Cyberdog Galactic Menu

You can order a menu via application in your smartphone or via local tablets. The main highlights are wines Dog in Dock served by Kuka. You can also have a galactic Cyberdog menu. I found the most interesting one the pannacotta dessert served in three different tubes that you mix by yourself and the water in special plastic glasses. However, if you are a gourmand and you prefer having “proper” food, there is a nice variety prepared in nearby Trifot Restaurant and served in Cyberdog.

Cultural Experience

Cyberdog has a large screen in its “face of a dog” on the second floor that is used for various projections. The great news is that since April, we can even enjoy a summer cinema in front of Cyberdog. It means the whole area around Trifot and its restaurant will become a seating area for our next summer evenings.

How to get to Cyberdog:

The easiest way is to take a yellow line of metro until Nové Butovice. Find a pedestrian avenue leading under the highway and walk until you see Trifot from a distance. Just next to Trifot, you will find a smaller brother Cyberdog.

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