CrossFit in Prague: Our Top Picks

CrossFit is a word that I have heard a hundred times in the past few months. I never really paid attention to what exactly it means and why it is so popular, but after a couple of friends of mine literally didn’t shut up about it I decided to learn more about it.

CrossFit is definitely no longer just a trend in the fitness world as I thought. It has now become a lifestyle. With over 15,000 gyms and thousands of trainers around the world, it has become very popular and you can find CrossFit gyms in any big city around the world.

If you are thinking about starting with CrossFit here are the 4 most common reasons why you should.

1. Community

The power of community in CrossFit is big and for many people, this is the key to their dedication. People in CrossFit are one big family that share not just a passion for fitness but also life stories. Everyone knows each other, and everyone is willing to help and support each other which is something you will not find in your regular gym. 

2. Variety

Most of the people that go to a regular gym can find CrossFit training evolving. Every day the practice evolves and get different, updated exercises every day. Your body is each day focused on different parts of your functional strength or conditioning. CrossFit is not necessarily designed to get you better at one skill instead, it is engineered to help you develop multiple skills and strengths at varying levels of intensity.

3. You will learn real skills

Every class dedicates time to the development of skills, where the coach breaks down the movements/drills and shows the group how to practice. Almost every CrossFit gym has the instructor breakdown every drill so the technique to the exercise is very clear even to the amateur. You will find out that you can learn CrossFit techniques in a very short period of time.

4. Results/Pushing yourself

One of the great things about CrossFit is that you can measure your progress. Make a journal from the very first training and you will be surprised by yourself how far you got you in just a few weeks of training. Every little progress makes us work even harder to achieve our goals. 

Here are GoFit’s favorite CrossFit gyms that you can find in Prague.

CrossFit HomeTown: Jakub, the founder of CrossFit HomeTown, is very committed and very patient with everybody that trains with him. By attending CrossFit Hometown’s classes You will properly learn technique in a very short period of time. Every instructor also speaks English, so everything runs smoothly and every class has its own special unique features.

CrossFit Meat Factory: is located in Prague 8 and also offers a variety of different activities like Les Mills group lessons, calisthenics, and classic CrossFit workout classes. The staff is young and very enthusiastic. It is led by Art and Roman two very young CrossFit enthusiastic and will get you to enjoy your experience in a very modern way.

Other CrossFit gyms in Prague: CrossFit Committed, CrossFit Praha

The Spartan Gym is the last gym I would like to mention. It is not specifically Crossfit, however, it is similar in many ways although more orientated towards cardio. Led by their main instructor Martin. Their gym is situated in the heart of Vinohrady district and benefits from a newly built gym. By attending Martin’s you will improve on all specialties like cardio or weights for example. It is always a very intense hour with the Spartans so be prepared.

Author: Veronika Gondova 

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