Cross-Stone Dedicated to Victims of Armenian Genocide Unveiled in Czech City

Kralupy nad Vltavou armenia

A new memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian genocide was unveiled in Kralupy nad Vltavou.

It was made by an Armenian native Telman Nersisjan, who lives in Kralupy. According to the author, the khachkar (cross-stone) will also stand as a symbol of solidarity and cooperation between peoples.

The official unveiling was also attended by Armenian Ambassador Ashot Hovakimijan and Cardinal Dominik Duka, who blessed the monument.

The deputy mayor of Kralupy Libor Lesák noted that Armenians settled in their city in the 1990s, showed their best, received higher education here and provided worthy services to the city.

According to him, Armenians deserve to have their monument in this city.

Armenian Ambassador to the Czech Republic Ashot Hovakimyan noted that this year Armenians around the world marked the 106th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and in fact, the 6 million Armenian Diaspora are the descendants of Armenians scattered around the world as a result of that genocide.

The Ambassador stressed that Armenians all over the world are fighting against the denial of the Armenian Genocide, which Turkey continues to deny, and thanked the countries that support the Armenian people in their struggle.

In particular, Ambassador Hovakimyan expressed his gratitude to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament for adopting a resolution on the Armenian Genocide in 2017, and to the Czech Senate, which adopted a similar resolution in 2020.


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