Cross Culture Prague – Innovative & Personalised Teaching Revolutionising the Way Kids Learn English in Prague

Cross Culture Prague Learn English in Prague

Cross Culture is a unique home tutoring service to Prague which uses interactive, personal teaching techniques and original lesson plans to provide English classes to children.

It is their modern approach to learning languages which has seen them dubbed the ‘best home tutoring service in Prague.’

Cross Culture uses one-to-one teaching in the form of one dedicated teacher working with one student. Each personal lesson is customized to the needs for that individual student.

One-to-one instruction ensures that the students interact with the teacher individually so that each can learn and understand language concepts at their own pace and in their own way.

This personal approach extends way beyond the lessons. Teachers are always accessible- open and available to speak with parents whenever needed. 

Lindsey, the headteacher, is always on WhatsApp with the parents, think of her as an extra member of the family while on the journey to learn a new language!

Creating a bond with the students and their parents through a comfortable and friendly approach is ultra-important to the team and they credit their current teaching success to this very outlook which is a fundamental principle to their business.

Unlike anything currently offered in the city, as well as providing English home tutoring for kids, they also offer it in conjunction with premium and luxury services which effectively allow parents to tailor the experience.

This may include students being picked up from school and taken to their own home to learn English where they feel most comfortable, taken to afterschool activities or even just being ready with food and water for them.

The company likes to take a multicultural and real-life approach to teaching through their service. So, forget your typical classroom and textbooks.

They feel the teaching and learning of language is most effective in every day, interactive situations.

They have found that the best way for students to learn is through enjoying the process- whether this be through pony rides or a trip to the zoo! The positive link between having fun and learning is undeniable.


In fact, their results with students who have used their unique services have been so successful since they began just in August that they are already almost fully booked and are now expanding with new dedicated teachers and with even more services such as camps.

“As a teacher, I really value the cultural communication aspect and understanding the children I work with,” said headteacher Lindsey, who has taught hundreds of kids and professionals in 4 countries.

“A lot of other language schools just want someone with a language degree and the correct visa form. We, however, really care about the quality of care and delivering our unique teaching methods.”

Topics they cover are real and relevant. They include cultural sensitivity and social responsibility which is very important given our social and political landscape, helping with the overall development of students while building on their fluency. 

As the company expands, it will also focus on intercultural communication – providing company English courses & cross-cultural consulting services for businesses that are working with foreign clients, workers and want to improve their communication.

To find out more information about all the amazing cross cultures services, visit their website.


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