Croatia Is (Again) the Favorite Destination for Czechs

Croatia has strengthened its position as a favourite holiday destination for the Czechs. According to data released by the Czech statistical office, more than 810.000 Czech holidaymakers spent at least four days in Croatia last year (nearly 40.000 less than in 2017), mostly on the seaside and in coastal resorts. 

Slovakia was the second most popular destination for Czechs in 2018, with over 720.000 tourists +90.000 compared to 2017, surpassing Italy (over 600.000 people).

While Croatia has been the number one holiday destination for Czechs over the last six years (with the exception of 2015, when it was beaten in that regard by Slovakia), the Czech Republic is for Croatia the fourth largest source of tourists after Germany, Italy and Slovenia, and Czechs are the third largest group in terms of overnight stays. 

During the communist period, Czechs could not travel to the Croatian coast so easily, because of the travel restrictions imposed upon them by the Czechoslovak communist regime. For those who could travel, Croatia – then part of Yugoslavia – was still a very desirable destination. After all, in the 1970s and 1980s, it had become a popular vacation spot for West Europeans. 

Interest in Bulgaria, Egypt, and Greece (more than 470.000 people headed there last year, the highest level in the past eight years), also grew. The other most popular destinations for Czech tourists include Austria, Spain, and Hungary.

Last year, more than five million Czech tourists traveled abroad for longer stays.

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