Croatia Fans Hired Private Jet to Fly to Euro 2020 in Glasgow but Ended up in Prague Instead

A group of Croatia fans hired a private plane to take them to Scotland for the match with the Czech Republic – only for them to watch it in Prague instead.

After the opening day defeat to England, the 2018 World Cup finalists needed something from their second Group D clash on Friday.

Sebastian Jagic Njare, his brother Simo and friends Domagoj Raljevic and Luka Vojvodic decided that the game was a must-see.

And after securing match tickets, they then decided to book a private jet to fly them from Zemun Airport on Friday morning for the showdown.

But after traveling to Serbia and enjoying a smooth take-off, things hit a snag once they arrived in Scotland.

And amazingly they ended up watching the game with their rival supporters!

Sebastian revealed their incredible adventure from Prague to, saying: “We rented a private plane to go to watch the Croatia-Czech Republic match in Glasgow. We already had tickets and were crazy with happiness, it’s a Czech company, and we got a discount – it was easier to agree with them than with our women to let us go.”

“When we arrived over Scotland, the pilot told us that he had just been informed that we had to leave Scottish airspace because due to the pandemic, they were not allowing us to land and arrive,” he adds.

The Croatia fan continued: “We were thinking in the air, on the plane, where to tell the pilot to take us. And we decided to ask permission to enter the Czech Republic. And here we are in Prague, we watched the game there, with Czech fans.”

He added: “It’s no small thing to collect so much money and beg our women to let us go. And then we can’t go to the game!”

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