Croatia and Czech Republic Working to Save Tourist Season

Croatia’s Tourism Minister announced that he would speak with the Czech Minister for Regional Development next week in a bid to come to a joint solution to provide conditions for Czech tourists with booked vacations in Croatia to visit this summer.

Following a telephone discussion between Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and his Czech counterpart Andrej Babiš on the issue, Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli informed that he is set to speak with Czech Regional Development Minister Klara Dostalova next week to search for a way to ensure the arrival of Czech tourists in Croatia this summer.

Minister Cappelli noted that tourism also falls within Minister Dostalova’s purview.

“Both of us are determined to find ways of making this happen. And we plan on approaching other interesting markets with similar practices,” Cappelli said.

Issues such as the possibility of re-opening tourist routes and tourism in general after coronavirus protection measures are relaxed will be discussed at the end of April at a major ministerial conference convened by Croatia.

“We will also discuss various models, proposals, and opportunities for gradually resuming normal tourist traffic, including the establishment of tourist corridors, as proposed by the Czechs,” Cappelli said.

The minister added that the ideas, solutions, and conditions for resuming tourism activities agreed to at the meeting with then be conveyed by the ministers to their respective governments.

Czech tourists have always been important to the Croatian tourism sector. They have a long tradition of vacationing on the Croatian coast, even maintaining solid numbers during the years of the Serbian aggression in the 1990s.

They have consistently been among the top ten in terms of tourist arrivals, with almost 800 000 last year alone.

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