Prague-Based Company Launches App to Give Proof You’re Covid-Free

Prague-based company CovidPass has recently launched an app that can detect whether a person has passed the COVID-19 test.

As reported, Covidpass features a safe database with test results that can be displayed on a computer or mobile phone as proof that the person is not infected. In addition, it shows the nearest COVID-19 testing site.

Gradually, the app should include dozens of sampling points with a daily capacity of over 10,000 tests.

The app provides up-to-date information on possible measures in force concerning both the Czech Republic and foreign countries. Covidpass does not monitor users’ location data.

“CovidPass is free of charge for everyone and currently is available as a web-based system. Native applications for all smartphone operating systems will soon be available for download,” said Marek Pavlas, CEO of CovidPass.

“Tha main goals this project are to be easier tested and get verified with the negative status. This will help people to live normally even in times of potential restrictions and prevent the spread of the virus in places where it is necessary to prove infectivity. For example, at your workplace or at mass events.”

According to Deputy Health Minister Roman Prymula, “CovidPass is an important and effective tool for combating COVID-19.”

“I’ve seen similar projects in other countries, but no app is as complex as CovidPass. For the future, as well as before the threat of a second wave, it is crucial to involve all smart tools that reduce the risk of disease transmission,” he added.

The Czech Republic had 10,150 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection by Saturday morning. So far 7,668 people have recovered and 330 people have died.

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