“Participants Could Take Covid-19 Tests Before Mass Events,” Said Blatný

COVID Tests Before Mass Events czechia

“Participants in some cultural, and social events may need to provide a valid negative COVID-19 test before admission,” said Health Minister Jan Blatný.

However, the final decision will be up to the organizer, the government will set the necessary conditions. The proposal is part of the changes within the anti-epidemic system PES.

With a negative COVID-19 test, accommodation in hotels could also be possible in a higher degree of risk in the PES system.

According to the daily Mladá fronta DNES, the opening of shops, museums, and zoos, are also being considered. “The negotiations will continue next week,” Blatný added.

Events in Singapore

Singapore is piloting the use of rapid tests as an important part of its strategy for stemming the spread of the coronavirus that will allow for larger gatherings in phase three of its re-opening, he said.

Results of antigen rapid tests could be out within 30 minutes and the tests can be conducted at the event venue or off-site at a separate testing facility. For tests done off-site, participants have to produce a certificate showing a negative test result, which is valid for a 24-hour timeframe that includes the duration of the event.

Participants of multi-day events will have to undergo daily testing. Those attending multiple events within 24 hours need to go for only one test.

Restrictions measures against the COVID-19 epidemic in the Czech Republic will remain at the fifth and highest level of the PES system at least until 22 January.

Antigen testing will continue after January 15, the Czech government approved. So far, over 950,000 antigen tests have been performed in the Czech Republic.

Health Ministry reported 13,029 new cases on Friday. There are actually 155,730 people infected in the country.

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