COVID-19 Theatre: La Putyka Circus Puts on Performance for Two

La Putyka Circus is opening a new “cultural window”, where they will perform short pieces for just one or two lucky spectators.

Found next to the Jatka78 cultural space in Prague 7, this non-traditional theatre project will take place on November 10 from 18:00 to 20:00 in the Skleněnka hall.

Through a ‘dispensing window’, similar to that of some restaurants offering takeaway, viewers will be able to watch a short performance taking place inside. Entry is free but limited, open to individuals, pairs or as a family of four or more.

“In recent days, there have been many talks of theatres staying closed until the end of the year. That’s why we’ve been looking for different ways to stay close to the audience. How to keep a healthy mind and body in shape. How to return the members of the ensemble to a common stage, even for one spectator,” explained director Rosťa Novák Jr.

The performance lasts five minutes and the ensemble will play it ten times in the evening. Everything will take place in compliance with current hygiene regulations. The spectators sit outside by the window and the actors are a few meters away from them.

Due to the limited number of spectators, it’s essential that you register in advance for the exact time slot. “Come and support us, come, and experience a living culture for a while. We need you,” said Novák.

In addition to non-traditional theatre projects, members of Cirk La Putyka are now helping hospitals and working on a project for nursing homes called LaDění.

Cirk La Putyka is a Czech ensemble dedicated professionally to the contemporary Circus trying to transcend the lines between acrobatics, contemporary dance, puppetry, concert, sport, and striving to create its own specific theatre poetics and find a perspective on the genre as a whole.

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