Coronavirus Statistics: Czech Republic World’s Worst Last Week

czech worst world covid

The chart, compiled by OurWorldInData and based on John Hopkins University figures, shows that there were an average of 932 new cases per each million Czech residents every day in the week to Sunday.

The rise in cases in recent weeks – despite the cancellation of a planned Christmas easing of the rules for millions – has seen the number of new daily infections across the country continue to reach record levels.

Among the other countries with the highest average of increments, Lithuania was in second place with 841 infected per million inhabitants, followed by the United Kingdom with 773 infected per million inhabitants, Liechtenstein with 764, Panama with 740, and Slovenia with 706.

The Health Ministry reported 12,860 new coronavirus cases on Monday. Laboratories performed 32,385 tests, 39.7 percent were positive.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, nearly 86,400 people have been infected with the new type of coronavirus in Prague (82 percent have already recovered). A total of 1113 people died, 37 have so far since the beginning of the new year.

There are currently 14,441 people hospitalized in Prague, according to the ministry’s website.

Today, the national risk index of the anti-epidemic system PES increased by four points to 89 points. Apart from Prague, all other regions are at the fifth and highest level of epidemic risk.

The worst situation is now registered in the Pardubice region, where the PES score is 94 points. The lowest score is reported in the Jihočeský and Plzeňský regions.

Yesterday, Monday 4, the government approved paying 400 CZK per employee per day to businesses forced to close during COVID-19 restrictions since October.

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