Coronavirus: Restrictions to Last Until at Least Mid-April

Coronavirus czech republic

“Strict quarantine measures will probably last until mid-April. The borders could be closed for months, if not years,” said Roman Prymula to iDnes. 

“We are determined to aim at 8,500 (cases), with the limit of 10,000 at which point we want to halt the increase,” Prymula said in a live television debate.

“From this point on, the daily growth in percent should not be as it is now, although we have already managed to lower that a lot. The daily growth should be zero.

“If we manage that, which we expect some time after Easter, we would like to gradually relax the measures, let’s say from mid-April, and return the country to life.”

There were a total of 1,047 confirmed infections in the country as of Sunday morning, with no deaths so far. Nineteen patients are in intensive care.

Traveling can be limited to two years

Both Vojtěch and Prymula agreed that border measures would take a long time. “We cannot afford to have another wave of cases,” the minister said.

According to him, police were instructed to tighten movement measures more. On Monday, the government will consider banning commuters to work in neighboring states.

“We noted that there were cases of coronavirus infection among cross-border workers,” added Vojtěch.

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