Coronavirus: Restaurants in Prague Respond With Takeaways and Delivery

Coronavirus is the main topic of conversation at the moment, many think the decisions made by the Czech government are great whilst others may feel they go too far.

Either way, we as citizens, have to accept the new rules and adjust to them. Over the last few days our news feeds have been a little crazy with constant updates on new restrictions and regulations but this morning it was a big surprise to read that all restaurants and pubs must close from 6 am today for at least 10 days.

Food lovers need not panic, we have some good news!  This morning Prague Morning contacted several restaurants to find out how they are dealing with the new restrictions, obviously, they are far from happy about the situation but many have been preparing for this type of measure being introduced.

Helena Sochman, from Rosinter group, said: “We have been working on emergency plans over the last few weeks to prepare for this situation. We are happy to let people know, that TGI Fridays will continue to deliver food to our clients via online ordering, the same goes for Planet Sushi and our latest partner, Asian Bistro. We offer deliveries and pick-ups every day, including  weekends.”

Zdenek Strizek from Bejzment said “the speed and communication of the decision did surprise us but we were expecting it. We are ready to keep going and our customers can order online, directly at the restaurant or pick up and enjoy our burgers at home.”

Gabriele Lanni, founder of Lasagneria said “in addition to Wolt, our lasagna will soon be available on Ubereats. We are also working on providing a contactless takeaway solution: a little table at the main entrance, where costumers can pick up their orders. Moreover, all the delivery drivers are provided with disinfectant gel and gloves, for free”

For those craving some hearty sustenance, Rocky OReillys Irish Pub are offering their menu for delivery via Ubereats. Their Guinness Irish Stew sounds like perfect comfort food for these trying times!

Lovers of fine dining can also indulge at home, for example, the renowned Prague restaurant Casa de Carli is now offering its menu for delivery. Owner, Matteo de Carli said, Casa de Carli and Ryba je Ryba are happy to still be able to provide a fine dining experience to our customers, you can place orders via the food app Wolt.”

Jeff Cohen from Bad Jeff’s Barbeque: We are open for deliveries. From 11 am-10 pm with an extended Wolt menu. Our staple items. Ribs, wings, burgers, etc. and we give away a free roll of toilet paper with every delivery!! Stay calm & Eat BBQ!! Also … don’t forget to order our Bad Jeff’s badass Brew and vacuum-sealed containers of our house Old Fashioned cocktails!

We also spoke to several specialist food producers and traders who are happy to make home deliveries.

Elite Foods: meat, vegetables, vegan food, etc 

Fransyr: cheeses

Caviar Club:   seafood (fresh tuna, salmon, oysters, caviar, lobster, crabs, etc)

Tučné a Zdravé: French delicacies and wine


Many more great restaurants offering home delivery can be found on the following services.

So there you have it, there’s no reason to miss out on the great food that Prague has to offer during these unusual times. The next few weeks are going to be difficult for us all and your favourite restaurants will certainly appreciate our continued support.

Dobrou chut!

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