Coronavirus Lockdown Prague: How to Get Wine Delivered to Your Door

Lockdown does mean staying indoors and only leaving for necessities like food, medicine, and one form of exercise per day. What it doesn’t mean, is living like an ascetic and staring blankly at a wall for weeks in hope that your stillness and focus will rid us of coronavirus for good.

It’s worth noting that if you have a weakened immune system or have shown any symptoms at all, it’s not advisable to drink, and it’s also never a good idea to drink heavily or binge.

So, drink in moderation if you’re going to, and get it delivered to your house where possible. Here are 4 ways to get wine right to your door during the lockdown in Prague.


Vino Delikatesy

Vino-Delikatesy offers over 150 wines from 7 countries, permanently on stock. They collaborate with family wineries, keeping the exclusivity on the market and focusing on the uniqueness of each terroir.

“I created a business strategy to work as a wholesaler of wines in 2017 and collaborate with restaurants, hotels, wine bars. My first company Mangustino was working pretty well after less than three years existing, as we have more than 130 partners in the Czech Republic, 90% in Prague,” said CEO Benjamin Diot.

“Market rules suddenly changed in March and we had to readapt quickly. All my partners closed in 2/3 days, and 99% of the turnover crashed. Then, I decided to create my e-shop, and we began to concentrate our sales on BtoC customers. Apart from wines, we offer also paté, klobasa, and cheeses. Guess what? We offer a 10% discount with the promo code “Stayhome”,” added Diot.

You can order from here


Vinograf wine bar is still open for take away food and wines. Monday till Friday they are open from 11.30 till 18.00 for the takeaway lunch menu as they are cooking for the hospitals (here the link for donations). In the evenings, the sommelier Klára Langová is personally delivering the wine orders.

“We deliver all the wines from the Vinograf wine list with a 40% discount on the shelf price,” says Klára Kollárová from Vinograf. “We have also created a new platform to help winemakers and wine importers. It’s called and we sell wines from small producers with cellar prices,” she added.

V11 winebar & deli

V11 winebar & deli is a traditional hangout venue in Jiřího z Poděbrad neighborhood. It is a cozy bar open every day till late with some 15 seats inside and airy terrace with similar capacity in summer. As a grocery, you can still enter the shop and choose from the shelve like in the regular wine shop without a possibility to taste the wine on the spot.

To compensate for this discomfort, they offer a 20% discount on all bottles. Besides, they started also free deliveries for all Prague customers. You can order directly at this website  where you can find all wines sold in the shop. Costumers can pay by bank transfer or credit card, eventually cash or credit card when delivered.

V11 winebar & deli offers international wines and also some local winemakers, focusing on organic production. They are also an exclusive importer of some wines from several countries, such as Austria, Germany, the north of Italy, and Lebanon. 


Oliveira – Wine Tapas Market

Oliveira is a direct importer of famous port wines, full red and white wines as well as unique vinho verde (green wine).

Vinho Verde is unique in the world. Its vibrant freshness, elegance, lightness, slightly sparkling and aromatic and flavorful expressions, especially its fruity and floral notes, are the characteristics that define and differentiate this wine.

Moreover, Oliveira delivers Anjos de Portugal White, a DOC wine, slightly sparkling, distinguished by its richness, taste and aroma, Port Wines, deep in colour and possess complex and intense aromas and  Montes Ermos Reserva Red, a wine produced by Adega de Freixo Espada à Cinta, with the grape varieties Touriga nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz.


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