Coronavirus in the Czech Republic: The Latest

The Czech Republic has registered 14,151 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, down from a record of 14,968 the previous day.

Deaths have climbed to 1,845 from 1,739, including 55 deaths reported on Thursday and revisions to previous days. The number of hospitalizations has risen to 4,477, and those in intensive care number 735.

The Czech Republic will get 30 ventilators from the European Union and is seeking more help and equipment abroad to help grapple with the continent’s worst outbreak of the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the government is likely to ask parliament to extend the state of emergency powers that are currently due to run out on November 3, Health Minister Roman Prymula said on Thursday.

On Thursday, the Czech government agreed to bring up to 300 military personnel from the European Union and NATO member states to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Czech government has already agreed to call in 28 military doctors from the United States to help the country’s health service with Covid-related hospitalizations. According to Prymula, American doctors should arrive next week.



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