Coronavirus: How to Proceed If I Feel Symptoms

We would like to let you know how you should proceed if you feel any kind of symptoms and want to get tested for the new virus.

Coronavirus is all over the news. Besides, we would like to let you know how you should proceed if you feel any kind of symptoms and want to get tested for the new virus.

What if I have symptoms?

Don’t go anywhere, stay at home and restrict contact with other people. Call your GP, or your regional public health office and inform them about your condition. They will provide information about how to proceed. Also, you can call the nonstop hotline of the National Institute of Public Health:  +420 724 810 106  and +420 725 191 367

What to do if I want to get tested?

Most tests are carried out based on a physician indication in agreement with the hygienists, in cases where they have an infection suspicion. Therefore, whoever wants to get tested must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Suffers from acute respiratory illness (sudden cough, fever, breath shortness).
  • 14 days before the first symptoms, been in a presumed transmission area or close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 infection.

The evaluation of the above criteria is made individually by the epidemiologists of regional hygiene stations.

How does testing work?

If a doctor or hygienist decides that you should get a test for the presence of coronavirus, an infectious health care team with all protective equipment will be sent to you. After that, they will collect your blood samples for testing later.

What if hygienists deny to test me?

Besides the state medical centers, the testing for the new strain of coronavirus is also done by private laboratories, which are not subject to patient indication from the doctor or epidemiologists. Although, you will pay the full price for the testing accordingly to the laboratory price list.

If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself from the virus, read the article at this link.

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