Coronavirus: Here’s What You Can Do From Tomorrow


Cabinet Minister Karel Havlíček has recently announced the faster reopening of shops and services, thanks to the favorable epidemiological data.

  • From Monday, 27 April, both smaller shops and outlets, as well as larger ones with a retail floor space of up to 2500 m2, will be allowed to open. Customers and employees must wear face masks and gloves. Cashiers should give preference to non-cash payments.


  • Gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs will also be able to launch operations, but without the option of using the changing rooms and showers.


  • Driving schools, zoos, and botanical gardens (apart from indoor pavilions) can also open. If you want to visit the zoo or a botanical garden you are obliged to buy the ticket online.


  • It also applies that from Monday, students in lower years of university may start attending consultations, clinical and practical training and work experience at universities or at the university library.


  • Church services with a maximum of 15 persons can be held under strict hygienic conditions.


  • Libraries: when returning a book, it is necessary to put it in a different box marked with the word “Karanténa”. Further manipulation will be possible only after two days. Library staff has to wear gloves.


  • Tourist information centers will also be able to open if they are not located in shopping malls with a floor space of over 5000 m2.


This permission still does not apply to outlets in large shopping centers with a floor space of over 5000 m2 that do not have a separate entrance from the outside, dining facilities except for sales through a service window, and establishments where the service providers come into contact with the customer’s body.

All operators will have to observe strict hygienic conditions and requirements, for instance, the maintaining of at least two meters of distance between customers, disinfectants, and store equipment. For example, customers at clothing stores will not be able to try on the clothing.

As of Sunday morning, there were 7,352 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, 79 more than the previous day.

This is the second-lowest increase in cases over the past two week period. The death toll has risen by 4 to 219.

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