Comprehensive Guide to Mandatory Testing in Companies

Mandatory Testing in Companies

Beginning on Wednesday, corporate testing will commence in the Czech Republic following a government mandate established in late Feb. however, companies employing more than 50 people have until Friday, Mar. 5 to begin testing.

What follows is a comprehensive guide for businesses conducting their own testing.

Who is responsible for testing? Companies employing 250 or more workers are required to test at least once a week. The first round of negative results is due by Mar. 12 and cannot be more than seven days old. Companies with 50 to 250 employees are to begin testing from Mar. 5 with a result deadline of Mar. 15.

Rules for employees testing positive. Any employee who tests positive must leave the workplace immediately and refrain from re-entering the premises They should contact health care professionals immediately and have the choice to take another PCR confirming their results.

Where to get tested. Businesses have the option to hire a healthcare professional to come directly to the worksite or employees can find outpatient clinics offering antigen and PCR tests. Employees may test one another and self-testing is a viable option as well at the discretion of the employer.

Rules for self-testing. Self-testing kits must have been obtained by the approved network of providers sanctioned by the Ministry of Health. Remote workers are allowed to take the tests at home. An employee who misses work, may take their own test at home or have one given when they return to work. Testing rooms at the workplace must offer; a window for ventilation, a sink for handwashing, and testers must wear a respirator, goggles, and gloves.

How to pay for tests. The company may pay for the tests and then charge their health insurers for the costs. Health insurance companies are required to pay up to 60 crowns for a single test and employees are entitled to four free tests per month with a total of 240 crowns covered by insurance companies each month. Beyond that, the costs fall to the employer. Employers must keep track of expenses to request reimbursement from the health insurance companies. Insurance companies are now developing interactive, digital forms for employers to easily request reimbursement. The first round of billing will take place at the end of March.

Who is exempt from mandatory testing of business? The Ministry of Trade recommends employees go through the network or antigen testing centers which are currently covered by their public health insurance.

For more detailed information, The Ministry of Trade and Industry has posted up-to-date information pertaining to this mandate on their website.

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