Commemorative Banknote “Glory to Ukraine” Issued in the Czech Republic

Glory to Ukraine banknote

The Czech Republic has issued a collectible banknote called Sláva Ukrajině

The design of the banknote is the work of award-winning printmaker and illustrator Eva Hašková, who has already worked on commemorative banknotes in the past, such as one depicting the First Republic Finance Minister Alois Rašín.

The front of the banknote displays the statue of Beregini on Independence Square in Kyiv. On the back, you can see Ukrainian flags and the oldest church in Kiev – St. Sophia Cathedral.

This is a charity project. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Post Bellum organization, which is raising funds to help the people of Ukraine.

The 20,000 banknotes were created by the coin maker České dukáty and the State Printing Works of Securities (STC).

The cost of a single banknote is 1500 CZK and you can buy it here


Glory to Ukraine banknote


Glory to Ukraine banknote

Latest news about Ukraine in the Czech Republic

  • The part of Prague’s Korunovační street along which the Russian Embassy is located has been officially renamed “Ukranian heroes” street. The renaming was approved by Prague City Hall last month.
  • The Czech Republic has now issued nearly 260,000 special visas to Ukrainian refugees, according to the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Labour Minister Marian Jurečka announced on Tuesday that 12,600 Ukrainian refugees managed to find employment in the Czech Republic in March. A further 10,000 have registered with the Labour Office, meaning that they are actively looking for work.
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