Colours of Prague Exhibition to Run End of August

Have you ever had your own vision of Prague city? Is it romantic for you? Or sad? Or crazy? Or even ruthless? The exhibition Living in Prague presented three artists’ works, which would be open until the end of August.

Cozy and bright place of the House of National Minorities was a great choice for the exhibition. The sunlight wades through a glass wall, emphasizing paintings of Silvia Vezzuto, Prague based Italian artist, who sees the city as a space for “magical” opportunities. “She also brought her friends Mike Köppe from Germany and Assem Al-Sabban from Saudi Arabia to be the authors of the exhibition” Jakub Stedron, director of the House of National Minorities said.

Vezzuto believes that everybody can draw and she tries to create opportunities for everyone. “It is in her Italian nature to be open and invite people to enjoy painting”, Köppe says. Vezzuto’s paintings are very colorful and diverse. They illustrate joy, love, passion, happiness, positivity, and great views of the city only emphasize the uniqueness and beauty of Praguers’ daily life.

“If you are angry and not satisfied and then if you go after the sunset around the Prague Castle and go down and see the river, you can even smell something from the sea…”, Stedron describes dreamily.

When coming to Prague, you can see its highlight – the trams. They are everywhere, almost all googled Prague pictures never go without its trams, especially the old ones. Al-Sabban was fascinated with trams and its connection to people. His pictures were painted digitally on the computer and represent trams as superior ones, as the pictures themselves are black and white and blurry, besides vivid and explicit trams.

Köppe created the project Colors of Prague, which is dedicated to people who do something interesting and new, who are motivated and driven for offering exclusive things to Prague. “These people come from different backgrounds with different ideas, and they are amazing in what they are doing”, Köppe says.

“It is always nice to see Prague in the perspective of foreign people”, Stedron says. Though the artists are from different countries and possess different techniques, they still perceive Prague as a colorful and positive city. To feel this mood and obtain the energy from the pictures, the doors are still welcoming new guests.

“I remember someone telling, “If you can’t make it Prague, you can’t make it anywhere else”, Köppe encourages.

Come and join us at our Colours of Prague – 1st Meet & Greet on August 20, for networking, fund and a good cause

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Author: Dariya Sydygalieva

Photo: Helena Pruskova

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