Cold Front, Rain, and Wind Headed Our Way This Week

For the next several days, the Czech Republic can expect an onslaught of less than ideal weather conditions, thanks to a cold front moving through the territory on Tuesday.

In front of it, the afternoon highs will reach 24 degrees Celsius, and on Wednesday, it will be 10 degrees less, according to meteorologist Dagmar Honsová.

Cloudy to overcast weather replaced Monday’s generally clear or partly cloudy sky in some places in the west, with afternoon temperatures that ranged from 19 to 23 degrees Celsius. 

On Tuesday, it will be partly cloudy, with clouds gathering in the west again, along with showers and even occasional thunderstorms.

The morning lows will range from 14 to 10 degrees, sometimes accompanied by fog or low clouds. The afternoon highs will reach 20 to 24 degrees, but in the west, it will only make it to around 16 degrees Celsius. 

Winds will pick up on Tuesday. “In the east, the territory will intensify significantly — on the peaks of the Jeseníky Mountains up to the speed of the storm, i.e. 110 kilometers per hour, in the Beskydy and Krkonoše Mountains to 90 kilometers per hour.

Meteorologists have issued a warning against strong winds, applying to the eastern half of the Czech Republic.

On Wednesday, there will be a full cooling. It will be cloudy to overcast with occasional rain or showers, as well as morning mists. The morning lows will fall between 12 to 8 degrees, reaching 11 to 15 degrees during the day. 

Expect more clouds throughout Friday, with occasional showers. There will also be occasional low clouds and fog in the morning.

The minimum temperature will drop between 9 to 5 degrees in the afternoon, when it is predominantly cloudy to partly cloudy, the temperature will rise to 12 to 16 degrees. 

On both weekends, expect partly cloudy to cloudy skies with only occasional showers. In the morning, temperatures will drop to 7 to 3 degrees Celsius but rise to a range of 12 to 16 degrees in the afternoon. There will be fewer clouds on Sunday.  


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