Cocovanka: Boho Paradise in the Middle of Prague

You might already know the Cocovan summer paradise on the island of Prague. You don’t need to be sorry that the summer season is over. Cocovan paradise has its second location that is open all over the year! Let’s explore more about Cocovanka, the boho, hippie, zen coffee corner hidden in the streets of the old Prague.

Story of Cocovanka

If you are an explorer and coffee lover in Prague, you might already encounter the Cocovan boho paradise at Střelecký ostrov. After a huge success of this concept, the owners Baronka and David founded the second location Cocovanka that is open the whole year. On December 9, they are going to celebrate the first anniversary since they opened only in 2018.

Baronka and David fall in love with the location and the whole space, that needed a significant renovation. In three months, they managed to renovate it and open it to the public. It also meant the scraping off the plaster from the wall that revealed the original walls, which you can admire now. Thanks to their work, the visit of Cocovanka is not only about the quality coffee and interesting menu, but also about the “genius loci.”

Boho Interior

When you enter Cocovanka for the first time, you might freeze and look all over the place. It might remind you of something between boho décor, hippie lair, zen corner, and grandmother’s living room. Baronka and David decided to recycle old pieces of furniture and give it a new life. The bar is made from the old door, benches are made from the old beams, and the rest of the furniture they found in bazaars and antique shops. Even the mugs and tableware are bought from the Czech grannies.

The coziness of the whole place is enhanced by the colorful interior, various pillows, macramé decoration, and a number of plants. I like small details such as pearl chandelier and Indian headband, but there are many more of these details.

Bohemian Menu

The whole menu is a legacy of Czech traditions. Baronka created the menu based on the old receipts of her great-grandmother, traditional bakery and fresh herbs. Of course, quality coffee is an integral part of the menu, as well. This whole boho experience is enhanced when you get your order served with flowers.

How to get to Cocovanka

Cocovanka is located about a five-minute walk from Malostranská (metro and tram stop) direction to Kampa island. Just around the corner is the Franz Kafka Museum with a famous sculpture of two urinating men in the Czech Republic, made by David Černý.   

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