Cloistered Nuns to Leave Prague Convent Because of Nightlife Noise

A group of cloistered nuns from Prague have decided to leave the convent to move to a more peaceful place.

Hunted during the communist period, in 1991 they had returned to their historic monastery near Prague Castle.

But there is one thing that the Carmelites just can’t bear: the too much noise caused by the nightlife. For this reason, the nuns of the convent have decided to move to a former farm outside the city, recently returned to the local church.

“After a long discernment and research that lasted more than ten years, we moved from the original monastery in the center of Prague to the small town of Drasty, a few kilometers from the city. The reason for our decision was the growing noise from the square“.

The community of discalced Carmelite nuns started in Prague in the seventeenth century. The first monastery was built at Lesser Town in Prague. In 1782 the community of sisters was forced to leave the convent and go to exile.

When the sisters could finally come back to Prague ten years later, their house had been taken. As compensation for that, they were given a monastery that originally used to belong to the male monastic order of Barnabites at Hradčany square.

The house was not primarily adjusted for the Carmelite way of life but it was provided as a provisory solution for their situation. During the Communist era (1950–1991) the sisters were forced to leave the monastery and the building was adapted for use as a hotel. The house was returned to the community in the first wave of church restitutions in 1991.


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