Bring Dry Cleaners To Your Door

When did you last take your clothes to the dry cleaner? The hectic, noisy rooms of spinning washing machines and piles of clothes are less popular now that personal washing machines are so common, and a trip to the dry cleaners is just another chore to add to the list.  

Cleany.CZ wants to change that, by bringing the dry cleaners to you. The online dry cleaning and laundry service will pick up your clothes from your home or office, take them to one of their local dry cleaner partners and bring it back to your doorstep within 24 hours. 

Hanuš Zvolský founded the platform two years ago after he realised that he valued the professional cleaning of his clothes but wanted to simplify the experience by utilising the sharing economy.

“We connect customers to businesses which have the technologies we are looking for which are water-based and dry cleaning,” Zvolský says. “We work with vetted drivers of delivery companies. They combine our pick up with other delivery jobs in the area to reduce the number of cars on the road and the amount of time they spend on them.” 

As outsources the cleaning and delivery, Zvolský argues that the team has more time to dedicate to customer care to ensure even difficult fabrics get the best clean. 

The company charges different rates depending on the item of clothing, including 199 Crowns for suit trousers, 289 CZK for a smart dress, and 119 CZK for a tie. doesn’t only clean your office wear. They take casual wear, winter clothes, sofa covers, and carpets, and they want to keep adding to their database. But this service isn’t just about preparing you for an important work meeting but extending the life of your old favourites. 

“We are allowing people to properly care for their clothes so they can wear them for longer,” Zvolský says. “We can produce less and more quality items which are better for the environment.” 

You choose your slot for returning the items, at a time that suits you from Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm. Delivery of 95 CZK for both the pickup and delivery. If your order exceeds 1500 CZK, shipping is free.

“We are growing right now,” CEO Hanuš Zvolský tells Prague Morning. “But we are staying humble because it is bad for so many others.”

Asked about the companies plans moving forward, Zvolský says he wants to expand into other countries, first international branch is newly opened in Bratislava, Slovakia. And Covid will not thwart his ambition. 

Which is what, when put simply? “We want to clean everything.”

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