Tomorrow Volunteers Will Clean Up Divoká Šárka Area. Will You Join?

Are you ready to become a volunteer for one day and spend some quality time in nature? 

On Saturday, July 17, the public non-profit organization SYNERGY is organizing an extensive volunteer event – quest in the Divoká Šárka to clean the area and a free picnic with the world’s national cuisines.

The purpose of the event is the integration of foreigners from the CIS countries in the Czech Republic, helping the city, meeting new people, and the opportunity to taste various dishes of other nations.

You don’t need anything but a good mood for that – everything you need for cleaning will be provided by the organization.

The event is ideal for couples with children, families, students, seniors – come and experience an unforgettable Saturday on July 17 at 11:00.

Divoká Šárka nature reserve is also a plogging hotspot, though trash-strewn locations in Prague are not hard to find.

The act of picking up trash while jogging (called by the catchy “plogging” which is derived from the Swedish for “plockaupp” or “pick up”) is a trend that took off in Sweden in 2016 and has gained popularity throughout the world.

Here in the Czech Republic, the movement is gaining momentum with the debut of Trash Hero Czech Republic, a plogging outfit that has gone from 20 to 85,000 volunteers throughout the Czech Republic in just two years

More info about tomorrow’s event here

Meeting point: McDonald’s Evropská, 634/204, Prague 6


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