Cinema With a Touch of Holidays

Jakub originally comes from Martin (Northern Slovakia). He studied film editing and sound engineering. Back in his home country, he was running summer cinemas and a music club.

Recently, he moved to Prague as an opportunity came up in the shape of a 70m long boat, which wasn’t being used much at the time. The idea was to open an 80-seat cinema on it with a friendly atmosphere for film lovers to share their passion and hang out.

As a Slovak, he feels at home in Prague. Not only are the languages very similar and people understand each other mutually, but he also loves the fact that everything can be found in Prague. From quiet places and historical sites to busy places and modern sites, but the thing he finds the most important, are the wonderful people from all around the world that you can come across in Prague.

Go and meet Jakub on his boat. Enjoy a great mixture of alternative movies and selected blockbusters either on board or even outside the boat.

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