Christmas Tree for Prague on Its Way

This year’s Christmas tree for Prague has been felled and preparations are underway for its transport to the Czech capital.

The 24-metre tall spruce tree will grace Prague’s Old Town Square and will be officially lit on November 30th.

The tree is sunk two metres into the ground. At the level of 6 metres and 13 metres, there are two steel sleeves to which steel ropes are attached that are anchored to blocks weighing several tonnes. That is to prevent the tree from breaking or falling in case of a gale.

This year’s Christmas tree for Prague will come from the village of Semily (Liberec Region) in the north of the Czech Republic. The 24-meter spruce was selected by experts from some forty-two trees, suggested by the public.

The market organizing firm Taiko looks for trees that are in danger of being cut down in the near future. This way, the impact of cutting down the tree is minimal as it was already destined to come down.

The colourful Christmas markets in the Old Town Square and in Wenceslas Square will begin this Saturday (November 30rd) and last until January 6, 2020.


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