Christmas Trams to Brighten Up Prague Until the Three Kings

christmas tram prague

On Saturday evening, for the first time this advent, the City of Prague (DPP) sent a fleet of festively decorated vehicles to the streets travelling to the Three Kings.

Among them are the Škoda 15T For City tram No. 9401, the T3 tram No. 6921, the popular Mazačka and the Irisbus Citelis retrobus.

This year, the cable car on Petřín also joined in, both cable cars to Petřín, including the upper station, have been decorated and Passengers can ride them on regular flights.

In addition, DPP also decorated the historic two-axle Ringhoffer tram No. 2210 and the Museum of Public Transport.

Together, all the vehicles are decorated with more than 13,000 lights, interior holiday decorations and special exterior stickers with winter and Christmas themes.

The Christmas decoration of the DPP fleet began last Monday evening in the Motol depot. 

All the Christmas vehicles will run in Prague’s public transport until the Three Kings (until January 6, 2022.) 

Their current timetables can be found by passengers and public transport fans on the homepage of the DPP website.

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