The Energy Crisis Won’t Steal Christmas Markets in Prague

With few exceptions, Prague is not planning to limit Advent markets and Christmas decorations due to rising energy prices.

Before the end of the year, the town hall signed a contract that would ensure that electricity would stay the same price.

The different districts in Prague will not, for example, renounce to Christmas trees or other decorations. But some administrations will replace them with less expensive LEDs.

Traditionally, the biggest markets will be held on Old Town Square. This year they will be dominated by a 25-meter tall spruce tree from Česká Kamenice in the Děčín region.

The organisers of the market will light the 80-year-old spruce before the first Sunday of Advent on Saturday 26 November.

“We have been using the most energy-saving LED bulbs for ten years, so there is no need to limit the lighting significantly,” said Hana Tietze,
a spokeswoman for Taiko, which is in charge of the markets on Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, and Namesti Republiky.

The situation is similar in Prague 3, where organizers will also choose more economic lighting and use led bulbs.

The markets on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square will be on the same scale as before the covid pandemic, i.e. 12 stalls without restrictions. Prague 2
is not expecting higher energy costs as it has kept prices the same for this year.

Prague 6 is expecting energy costs of CZK 33,000 for the whole Advent time thanks to energy-saving led fluorescent lamp decoration and the agreed fixed price for energy from 2020.

“Markets will be open from 9 to 23 December in Šabach Park, where they will be accompanied by various musical and theatrical performances,” said Jiří Hannich, spokesman for the municipal district.

Prague 7, on the other hand, will save energy this year and cancel festive lighting in the streets. It will keep only two illuminated Christmas trees on Strossmayerovo namesti and Ortenovo namesti.

However, the town hall is planning a varied program: the Christmas concert and the ice rink on Letná will be in standard mode.

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