LIVE Streaming: The Christmas Market at Old Town Square!

Prague City Tourism has launched a live stream from Old Town Square, where tents are currently being assembled for the traditional Christmas market.

The webcam will run until January 6, 2023, so everyone can take a peek at the market and get in the holiday spirit.

The event is broadcast live from the Old Town Hall observation tower on YouTube.

The Christmas Market at Staromak opens on Saturday, 26 November, and runs until 6 January (daily from 10:00 to 22:00, individual fast-food tents until 00:00).

This year’s tree is a 25-meter tall and 58-year-old spruce that has made its way to the Czech capital from a small North Bohemian village of Kytlice.

The tree is decorated with red Christmas balls and light stars of various sizes. There are 88,490 LED bulbs on the tree.

The tree lights will be on daily from 16:00 to midnight.

A light animation will take place daily at 16:30, 17:30, 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, and 21:30. During the animation, one of the melodies will play: Elizabethan Serenade sung by Karel Gott, or an orchestral version of All I want for Christmas Is You.

The music will be played through loudspeakers installed under the tree.

In total, there will be 79 stalls with various merchandise and food. For the first time ever, mulled wine made from Czech wine – from the famous Moravian company Château Valtice – will be sold at the fair.


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