Christmas Carp Causes Car Crash in Czech Republic

A live Christmas carp caused havoc in the Czech Republic on Monday when it jumped from a plastic bag on the passenger seat of a car straight into the lap of the driver.

The woman was transporting the traditional Christmas delicacy home on Monday ahead of the big day when the fish made a bid for freedom. Surprised, she crashed her car into a concrete column and she sustained serious injuries, according to DPA news agency.

A helicopter had to transport her to the hospital, where she is being treated. “The woman lost control of the vehicle and went into the opposite direction, where she crashed into a concrete pole,” the spokeswoman added.

Police in the village of Horni said the woman was 62 years old and was so “shocked” by the carp landing in her lap, according to Czech media reports.

Fish became popular for Christmas Eve dinner during the 13th century, because Catholics considered fish as a fasting food, and Christmas Eve was the last day of the Advent fast. The history of eating fish on Christmas Eve is entirely due to the fact that Catholics couldn’t eat meat during the fast.

Traditionally, dinner is served after sunset and consists of carp and potato salad, with a starter of sauerkraut, mushroom or fish soup. Some families even keep these slippery fish alive in the bathtub for several days before the feast, to ensure it’s freshness.

Photo: Policie ČR


Photo: Policie ČR
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