ChiqChaq: The First Multilingual Platform for Your Everyday Tasks

ChiqChaq is the first social platform for local freelancers. The statistics for self-employed people are so high its almost amazing that there wasn’t a platform like this before. If we isolate the following countries alone on the number of freelancers: Poland has 2.26M, the Czech Republic has 0.9M, Hungary has 461K and Slovakia has 389K.

This is why a social platform for local freelancers was created as a place where everyone who can not only find an assistant or a helper for solving their daily tasks but also someone who may need the platforms help. With ChiqChaq, you’ll find help at the touch of a button.

Unlike social networking sites, ChiqChaq unites different people and develops social awareness. ChiqChaq helps people, surrounded by thousands of chores and everyday tasks, to find, in close vicinity, a contractor, an assistant or a helper, and benefit from their work and services. Furthermore, it helps people, looking for a job, to actually find it and get real feedback from what they do. Which is invaluable in the self-employed industry, where reviews and reputation matter just as much as experience.

The company states that “we understand that the world is full of opportunities, and providing people with IT solutions that would make their life easier is of our top priority. We have been involved in several projects that, we believe, would change the world for the best.” 

You can sign up via email or with any one of your social media networks. If you’re looking for an assistant, then you simply place a task in which you would like completed. For example: say you want your apartment cleaned, you choose an assistant for the task and when the task is completed you can rate your assistant. If you’re seeking work then the process is pretty much the same except you search for the task in which you want to complete, and wait for your review.

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