Children Born To Foreigners To Be Automatically Insured With VZP

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From 2 August, newborn children of foreigners with a long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic will be automatically registered with the public health insurance system for at least two months, demands a new amendment of Foreigners in the Czech Republic Act.

The change also concerns children born in the Czech Republic whose mother has a long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic at the time of birth, but the father does not have a permanent residence.

The child will be a member of the public health insurance system from the day of birth and will be insured until the end of the month in which he reaches the age of 60 days.

Afterward, the parents must take out commercial health insurance or the child must get another residence permit.

According to the law, the birth of a child needs to be registered in the child’s mother’s health insurance company by a legal representative or a guardian within 8 days from their date of birth.

If the mother is not insured in the Czech Republic, the father’s health insurance company must be notified within the first 8 days.  

If both parents are not covered by health insurance in the Czech Republic, the child must be registered and insured through VZP.

Premiums for newborns are paid once by their legal representative or guardian to the relevant health insurance company. The insurance premium is payable from the first to the last day of the relevant period.

The assessment base is twice the minimum wage for the period. In 2021, the premium is CZK 4,104.

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