Checks at Czech-Slovak Border to Continue, Though Less Intensive

slovakia border czech republic

The Czech government has extended checks at the Slovak border by another 30 days.

Back in September, Austria and the Czech Republic introduced border checks for a period of ten days, which has since been repeatedly extended. Both countries decided to introduce checks amid a significant increase in illegal migration through Slovakia.

The Czech government has now announced a further extension of checks, which were to be scrapped as of December 26.

The government, however, says that they will be less intensive, writes the ČTK newswire.

“The number of caught illegal migrants is decreasing, and while the border situation is still not ideal, the measures have paid off,” said Czech Interior Minister Vít Rakušan.

According to the Czech police, the border check teams uncovered 9,292 people illegally crossing along with 134 traffickers.

Also, 3,484 people were returned to Slovakia.

Migrants use Slovakia and the Czech Republic as a transition country between the start of their migration and their final destination. The path leads through Serbia and Hungary, too. Most come from Syria.

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