ChciKrasu: The First Beauty Platform Available in Prague

Launched a couple of months ago, ChciKrasu is the first beauty platform available in Prague.

Easier than ever, you can now choose English speaking beauty service based on your location, price, and timing preference.

Whether you want a facial, lash extensions, hair styling, manicure or hair removal, all you need to do is to choose a time slot that suits you on the platform and book it without having to call anyone.

Before your visit, you will receive an SMS with a reminder that will help you not to forget about your appointment. Once the booking verified, the last step is a quick confirmation from the salon.

You will also know the estimated price and the possibility to pay by card or cash.

“We launched the project on March 8th, one week before the quarantine. We were lucky to gather some valuable feedback and we had time to improve the service and get more partners. We tried to create ChciKrasu as simple to use as possible, so you won’t need any registration to book for a service you want,” says Valeriia from ChciKrasu.

“We are adding new partners every day, working on improving the system and usability. Currently, there are about 25 active beauty salons/specialists. Expats can book a beauty salon who speaks their language,” she adds.

ChciKrásu platform helps you find the right salon and service at the right time with no stress. The platform is constantly expanding its database of beauty specialists and services.

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