Charles Bridge Repairs to Begin

This year the Prague City Hall will have a project to repair the Charles Bridge. At the same time, the city is looking to obtain a stone from a suitable quarry so as to begin repairs. Journalists were told by Mayor’s Deputy Adam Scheinherr that it is unclear as to how much work will go into the repairs and when they will begin. 

The surface of the bridge consists of roughly 66,000 blocks. According to Scheinherr, the city will find a suitable stone to replace the irreversibly damaged stone parts of the bridge. The exact schedule of the work schedule or the cost of the reconstruction will come from the project documentation. 

The poor condition of the arch moves the Charles Bridge into the classification of the Technical Communications Administration into a worse category than it would be if it was a good condition. On a scale of one to seven, when seven is a state of emergency, it is now classified in the sixth category. 

The construction of the bridge began on July 9, 1357, at the instigation of Charles IV. stone master Otlín, who gained experience in building an older stone bridge in Roudnice nad Labem. The founder of Charles Bridge was not Petr Parler, as he is traced, he took over the building after Otlín’s death. At that time, Stone, today the Charles Bridge, was founded at the site of the Judith Bridge, which was pulled down.

Prague will also begin repairing Liben Bridge this year. It is the first to reconstruct parts that do not have an immediate effect on the transport on the bridge.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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