Chargers for Electric Cars to Be Installed in 82 Prague Streetlights

Prague city will install new chargers for electric cars in 82 streetlights during this year, said the councilor Jan Chabr (TOP 09).

According to the city’s plan, their number is to increase gradually in the future, which is why the municipality plans to replace and modernize more than 600 lamps this year. There are about 135,000 public lighting lamps in Prague.

The municipality cooperates with Pražská energetika (PRE) in locating the chargers. “Through this project, we will get chargers for Prague lamps during the year. Electromobility is now the preferred option in the European car market and it is necessary to prepare the charging infrastructure in the public space. Not everyone can use their own garage for charging,” said Chabr.

It is necessary to bring new bands to the lamps, which will be able to supply energy for both the lamp and the charger.

The city, therefore, cooperates with PRE and when replacing the cables, it also inserts the cable for the charger into the sidewalk.

This year, 654 lamps will be replaced and chargers can be connected to 189 of them. The lamps will be replaced by the Municipal Society of Technology of the Capital City of Prague (THMP)in ten city districts.

According to earlier statements by the city management, there will be about 3,000 modern lamps, ie 6,000 chargers, in Prague by 2026.

The change is also related to the standard for Euro 7 cars, which according to the intention of the European Commission should come into force in 2025 and would effectively prevent the production of cars without electric drive.

According to estimates, there will be about 500,000 to 700,000 electric cars in the Czech Republic in 2030, a third of which will be in Prague.

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