Centre Czech In: Language Courses for Foreigners and Support for Integration

If you would like to expand your vocabulary, understand Czech grammar, correct your pronunciation or practice your writing, check the language courses available at The Centre Czech In. 

The Centre Czech In is a social enterprise of the Counselling Centre for Integration that focuses on teaching Czech to non-native speakers of all ages and supporting the integration of children into the Czech society while solving their educational challenges.

They focus on each person and their specific requirements, offering excellent courses for a budget-friendly price, and sharing part of their income to support foreigners living in the Czech Republic. You can find group courses for 120 CZK, 90 minutes with 4 to 10 students. 

They organize Czech language courses for groups and individuals, as well as professional companies. They also provide foreign language courses of English, Italian, Russian and Spanish. For more information visit their website

This Enterprise is part of the Counselling Centre for Integration, a non-governmental organization that provides free social or job counselling, legal advice, support for community activities and cultural identity of foreigners’ communities.

Giving support since 1997, this organization has extensive experience working with people with different social-cultural backgrounds and making the integration in the Czech Republic much more effective.

Learn about the culture and the country you live in, the offices in Prague and Ústí nad Labem organize a variety of thematic events, workshops and trips. 

They are pleased to welcome volunteers to get involved in the integration of foreigners in the Czech Republic, as well as dynamic and enthusiastic people interested in doing an internship with them. It is a way of getting to know how the non-profit sector works and make contact with people from different cultures. Feel free to join or ask them any questions you might have and check their Facebook page Poradna pro integraci or the website for more details and information.

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