Celebrate Valentine's Day With Cukrář Skala 

Since Cukrář Skala opened its doors in December 2017 they’ve not only been changing the way you eat your desserts by using 100% natural ingredients, but they want to change the way you celebrate the day of love too. 

Valentine’s Day is usually a day associated with the romance between couples,  and the exchanging gifts, and the consumption of lots of chocolates. 

World-class Czech pastry chef, Lukáš Skála, similarly to last year has designed Valentine’s day cake that can be shared as a symbol of love between anyone. Between a parent and a child, as a romantic gesture between lovers, or as a thoughtful and celebratory time between friends. This cake is a treat for all.  

What is even more unique about the Czech Republic is that the ‘Day Of Lovers’ was and still is officially celebrated on May 1st as it is a national holiday. (whilst 14th February Valentine’s day is more recent after the fall of Communism). Traditionally on the day couples would gather at the statue of Czech Romantic poet and author of the poem ‘Maj (May)’ Karel Hynek Mácha, in Prague’s Petřín Park. The poem, written in a remarkably beautiful style, tells about the tragic love of two young people and has become a poetic masterpiece of the Czech Romantic period and Czech literature in general. 

And it’s with this Love theme and influence you will find that the Valentines cake, was designed for the consumption of a minimum of two people. Skála has always been inspired by desserts, therefore, his expertise and focus are primarily on creating delicious Czech desserts here in Prague. So it’s an experience you won’t find, let alone taste anywhere else.

“Our Valentine ‘s day cake is a delicious combination of our most exclusive creams which are made combining several different flavours.” The cake contains the bakery’s own recipe of “Amarula” cream which is made from Valrhona chocolate – a luxurious French chocolate brand – and the tropical fruit liqueur of Marula (also commonly called the elephant fruit).

The cake also comprises white chocolate cream with cinnamon and orange peel. Finally, at the heart of this flavoursome design, you will be met by a mandarin orange jelly surprise. As mentioned before, all the cakes in the bakery are made with 100% natural ingredients and zero artificial flavourings. This cake is no different.

The cake is already on sale and can be purchased before Valentine’s day, and will be back on sale again before the May holiday.

If you would like to be in the chance of winning the cake for yourself or to give away as a gift, between now and Monday, February 11th, visit Cukrář Skala and post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #Valentynuskaly.

You can visit the main store in Šporkovský Palace, V Celnici 5. There, you can also order custom-made cakes for various occasions. And you can find the confectionary boutique at Dlouhá 39. 

In the spirit of Love here is a section out of the famous poem, ‘Máj’ by the great romantic Czech poet, Karel Hynek Mácha.

“Late evening, on the first of May –

The twilit May – the time of love.

Meltingly called the turtle-dove,

Where rich and sweet pinewoods lay.

Whispered of love the mosses trail,

The flowering tree as sweetly lied,

The rose’s fragrant sigh replied

To love-songs of the nightingale.

In shadowy woods the burnished lake

Darkly complained a secret pain,

By circling shores embraced again;

And heaven’s clear sun leaned down to take

A road astray in azure deeps,

Like burning tears the lover weeps.”

Author: Lilato Madiri

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