Celebrate Fat Thursday in Prague!

Celebrations for Fat Thursday, a holiday at the peak of Shrovetide, engage many businesses throughout the Czech Republic.

Ambiente Restaurant Group called for a joint celebration this year, with over 40 restaurants from Prague, Brno, Pilsen, and Tábor. Each restaurant will offer guests something in the spirit of the Fat Thursday tradition – in addition to fatty meat dishes, there will also be appetizers, bottomless soups, large portions, and even specials like farm-fresh pork belly.

On Fat Thursday, which this year falls on February 20, it is tradition to indulge in all the food and drink we can bear. Similar to Mardi Gras, Fat Thursday is a feast celebration before Ash Wednesday and forty days of pre- Easter fasting.

You can fill your stomach at restaurants such as Ambiente, La Collezione, Together, The Eatery, Momoichi, Big Smokers, Mr. HotDog, Dish, Tabor Thir and Pub or Ramen Brno. Chefs from Lokál, Café Savoy will prepare typical carnival delicacies for lunch and dinner.

Order a kremrole, a delicious rolled pastry, at Cukrarna Skála – if you eat it on the spot, you can get a second one for free.

Myšák will bake large větrníky pinwheel pastries, and more classic sweets will be sold at The Eatery.

Momoichi will offer pork belly as an appetizer, Prague bistro La Bottega will prepare selected pasta and bottomless soups, and Big Smokers will give you a slice of pork belly.

The complete list of restaurants and meals can be found here or at the Facebook event “Našup: Fat Thursday,” where photos of specific meals are added daily.

Prague, Brno and Pilsen businesses celebrated their Fat Thursday in this way for the first time last year.

They were brought together by Našup brand, which aims to promote cooperation between domestic and foreign chefs.

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?Amano – pizza gourmet with chopped pork side and pickled mustard seeds (1 + 1 free); legume soup
?Brasileiro Slovanský dům – greaves with lime and homemade sausage as an appetizer
?Brasileiro U Zelené žáby – greaves with lime as an appetizer and grilled pork belly with horseradish in churrasco
?BIG SMOKERS – slice of smoked pork belly
?Bruxx – mussels with bacon and salsiccia
?Café Savoy – slow-roasted pork flank; fried pork neck with white cabbage salad and mashed potatoes; big pinwheels
?Cukrář Skála – kremrole (1 + 1 for free)
?DISH fine burger bistro – whipped smoked lard with chipotle as appetizer
?Eska – chocolate with bread and greaves
?Kantýna – slices of bread with greaves spread and lard
?Kuchyň – pork spread as appetizer
?La Bottega Bistroteka – bottomless bean cream with Tyrolean bacon, salami, and pork salsiccia
?La Bottega Gastronomica – bottomless polenta cream with sage and lard greaves, roasted pumpkin seeds
?La Bottega Linka – Lasagne alla Bolognese (1 + 1 free)
?La Bottega Tusarova – Tagliolini aglio, olio e peperoncino (1 + 1 free)
?Lasagneria – Lasagna di Carnevale
?Lokal – double portions of meat or pork for selected meals:
?Dlouhááá – roasted pork side with cabbage and potato bread
?Hamburg – soup, roast pork shoulder (lunch); plate with fresh horseradish, mustard, and egg (dinner); muffins with plum jam and cottage cheese
?Korunní – Přeštice sausage; pork neck steak with mustard sauce; Dutch chopped schnitzel; baked sausage
?Nad Stromovkou – stuffed pork belly, red cabbage, bacon dumplings (lunch); knuckle with egg and mustard (dinner); muffins with plum jam and cottage cheese
?Pod Divadlem – roast pork with mashed potatoes with horseradish
?U Bílé kuželky – pork belly; neck steak
?U Caipla – sausage, knuckle; boiled neck of beef, roasted pork belly with spinach (lunch); beer ribs, neck steak with mustard sauce (dinner); bun with apples and cottage cheese
?U Zavadilů – Moravian sparrow
?Momoichi Bistro – Asian roasted pork belly as an appetizer
?Mr. HotDog – Pork Belly Slider + small beer on the house
?Cukrárna Myšák- Large Pinwheels
?Naše maso  – sandwiches with lard, lard
?Pasta Fresca  – bruschetta with bacon and tomatoes; Spaghetti alla carbonara
?Pastacaffé – chopped beef ribs with sauerkraut and potato gnocchi
?Pizza Nuova – beef salsiccia with pepperoni; pork salsiccia with roasted cabbage and chili; stewed pork cheeks with Tuscan sauce and potato purée
?Potrefená Husa Hybernská – knuckle with mustard, horseradish, cucumbers, and bread + Staropramen beer
?Ramen BRNO – chicharon with smoked pepper and ginger, greaves with togarashi
?Sia Restaurant – bottomless basket with Shaomai dumplings
?Sisters – roast beef sandwich (1 + 1 for free)
?The Eatery – “pribináček” dessert
?Thir and Výčep – sausage with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
?Vinohradský Parlament – potato dumplings stuffed with pork jelly, creamy bacon sauce, leaf of fermented cabbage and roasted barley (1 + 1 free)

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