Brno CBD Company Finds Success During Pandemic

cbd star

CBD-based company CBD Star tripled their business’ profit and success during the pandemic, due to the rise of demand for their products.

CBD Star is operated by Brno entrepreneurs David Binko and Dragan Gašić, and their company grew by 300% in the last quarter of 2020.

Surprisingly, the pandemic helped the company. “Christmas and the second wave of lockdown were crucial to our business. CBD helps with soothing the body, relaxing, better sleep, and at this point in time there was a great demand for our products,” explains Dragan.

The idea to produce CBD products was conceptualized by the duo a long time ago, with the help of friends’ suggestions. Both of the entrepreneurs already knew the benefits of cannabidiol and had the idea of going into production for the domestic Czech market.

In terms of operation, Dragan handles marketing, while David handles business and production.

David Binko and Dragan Gašić, founders of CBD STAR

“We place emphasis not only on the organic composition of our products but above all on the high content of the active substance CBD, which, unlike the more well-known THC, is not psychotropic and therefore does not cause mind numbness,” says David.

CBD Star products contain 10 percent cannabidiol in 10-milliliter packs,  or 1,000 mg of the substance in one bottle, which David and Dragan say is the ideal amount to provide the necessary effects.

The company produces its products from hemp grown in organic quality in sunny fields in Croatia.

The goals of the company go beyond selling only dietary supplements, CBD star also aims to produce cannabis cosmetics. They recently introduced their first product in this genre – body balm, which helps with the treatment of skin problems such as eczema.

The plan is to open the first brick-and-mortar branches so that customers can try the products for themselves. They want to start expansion in Eastern Europe too but are waiting for the pandemic situation to calm down.

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