Náplavka to Become a Busy Road in February

It will be “life-threatening” to walk along Náplavka or go there with friends for fun. During February, it will become a busy road.

Due to the reconstruction of the road between Výton and Palacký Bridge, Prague Deputy Mayor for Transport and Heritage Conservation Adam Scheinherr (34, Praha Sobě) will have the vehicles driven there in February. 

“The cars will drive at a reduced speed and only for 200 meters, at the level of Dřevná – Na Hrobci streets,” he said. According to him, the cars will be safely separated from pedestrians and more than two-thirds of the space will remain freely passable.

Scheinherr also defends himself by saying that a similar step has taken place in the past. 

“The same regime was in 2012 under the mayor Svoboda, when the dormitories on the Rašín embankment were repaired. They did it in the winter then when there aren’t that many people by the water. In addition, it is only one of three stages for about three weeks,” he said.

Mayor of Prague 2: I don’t know about that at all!

Blesk turned to Alexandra Udženya (46, ODS), the mayor of Prague 2, where the change of traffic is to take place.

“It’s outrageous. I have no idea what I should know as a mayor when one of the arteries is to be closed. You can see how coordination with the municipality does not work. That non-communication is arrogance on their part. I can’t imagine the mode it will work in,” she said, not hiding her anger on Monday night

In 2018, the city began repairs to the embankments, during which it reconstructed the cells of the waterfront, where toilets, cafes and cultural spaces were created. What effect traffic will have on the surface of the waterfront is a question.

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