Carp Sales Begin In Prague

carp sales prague

According to the State Veterinary Administration spokesman Petr Vorlíček, about 3000 points of sale have been registered in the Czech Republic.

This is 15% more than last year. There are approximately 210 points in Prague.

The country’s largest fish farms in South Bohemia have raised prices for Christmas carp by an average of 10%. It is a forced measure associated with an increase in production costs amid high inflation.

Until December 23, live carp can be found, including in front of all Globus hypermarkets. Already cut fresh fish are sold inside the store itself. Also, barrels of carp will be installed in front of Tesco stores and large shopping centers in the coming days.

The tradition of eating carp for Christmas is particularly alive and well in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. But some families in Hungary, Austria, Germany and Croatia may also be fond of it and indulge in that delicacy at Christmas time.

According to most, this tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. “Fish became popular for Christmas Eve dinner during the 13th century, because Catholics considered fish as a fasting good and Christmas Eve was the last day of the Advent fast”, Slovak resident Jozefina Babicova told Culture Trip.

“The history of eating fish on Christmas Eve is entirely due to the fact that Catholics couldn’t eat meat during the fast”.

carp sales prague

Some families choose to buy the fish live and store it in the bathtub. It sounds silly, but there’s a reason for this. Carp are bottom feeders. The idea is that a few days swimming in clean water helps to flush mud from the fish’s digestive tract.

“A bathtub is an unnatural and highly stressful environment for an animal. In addition, chlorinated water can damage his gills and respiratory system. The temperature of the water in the tub is usually too high, which can cause a thermal shock to the fish,” said RyboLove campaign coordinator Lucie Moravcová.

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