Cardinal Duka is Under Investigation by Police for Hosting a Rooftop Party

Prague Police are currently investigating an illegal party that took place Tuesday evening.

The unlawful gathering allegedly took place on the rooftop of the Archbishop’s palace in Hradčanské Square and is believed to be hosted by Cardinal Duka.

The rooftop party was believed to have lasted until one in the morning and attended by notable figures besides Cardinal Duka like his secretary Vojtěch Mátl, Martin Baláž the head of the Protection of the President and Zdeněk Bergman, head of the Prague-Venice company (Pražské Benátky s.r.o.) that ferries tourists along the Vltava.

In addition to the gathering being illegal, none of the attendees were seen wearing masks or respirators during the festivities.

Jan Rybansky a spokesman for Prague Police stated, “We learned about the event that took place on Hradčanské náměstí on Tuesday evening from the media today. We’re already investigating the matter. In case of suspicion of non-compliance with government regulations, we will report everything to the relevant administrative body for settlement.”

When questioned, one of the attendee maintained that the gathering was for a business meeting regarding the upcoming Navalis Saint John’s Celebrations which honor Czech saint and Prague native, Saint John of Nepomuk, patron of all people of the water.

“I can’t tell you – it was a short friendly business meeting,” Bergman said. He has stated that his company Svatojánský spolek is organizing the Navalis festival. 

Photographic evidence shows party guests on the rooftop of the Archbishop’s palace holding drinks and smoking cigars.

Baláž also claims his presence at the gathering was due to a business meeting. He has received criticism for appearing in the photographs without a respirator when he is in charge of the protection of President Miloš Zeman.

Neither Cardinal Duka nor his spokesman have agreed to comment on situation. Duka celebrated his 78th birthday the day before the rooftop party took place.

Although police are officially investigating the unlawful gathering that occurred on Tuesday evening, all the attendees are unlikely to face any real consequences for violating anti-pandemic restrictions in place.

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